CupToMug is the fusion of everything you like about the cup sleeve combined with everything you love about the mug. We took all the problems with the cup sleeve, like the lack of hand protection from beverage temperature and the limitation of carrying only one cup per hand, and set out to make a better drinking experience.

Sleeve 2.0

Think of it as Coffee Sleeve 2.0

We took a simple idea and created a tool that the beverage industry was missing: a cup sleeve with a handle. CupToMug is practical piece of equipment and it’s utility lies in the innovative design that thinks beyond the conventional.

CupToMug is the only product of its kind on the market. Read on to learn all it’s features.

Advertise with CupToMug

Advertise your Message

Use CupToMug to get your message to your customers: keep them updated with upcoming events, print it with a fun message, or let them know about your brand. Whatever you decide to do with CupToMug, share your message in style.

Take a trip to our ‘Advertise’ page to learn more.

CupToMug Dictionary Definition CupToMug /kʌp/tʊ/mʌg/

1. noun. Innovative advertising tool; acts as a portable billboard.

2. adjective. To possess the ability to gain attention.

3. verb. A way to distinguish oneself from the crowd; to set apart as different.

Customize CupToMug

Custom Designs

CupToMug can be printed with a full array of colors so you can brand your message the way you want.



CupToMug allows for a natural grip that fits comfortably in most hands.

Easy to Use

Easy Use

CupToMug transitions a traditional cup into a modern mug in 3 steps. First, grip the handle then push down on the top of the handle with your thumb.

Lastly, insert the cup. This easy assembly is compatible in industries that serve consumers.



The design of CupToMug maximizes carrying capacity. Users can hold up to 3 in one hand.

Consumers can buy more drinks because they are able to carry more.

Eco Sustainable


CupToMug can be constructed from biodegradable and recyclable material.

New developments in material make CupToMug adaptable to consumer demands.


Consumer Safety

Unlike the traditional cup sleeve, CupToMug protects the users hand from the temperature of the beverage.

Enjoy drinking hot and cold drinks, and any temperature in-between.

Custom Sizing

Standardized Sizing

CupToMug can be manufactured to fit any cup size.

Our designs range from small, medium, and large.

Light Weight Mug


CupToMug provides a sturdy mug handle while offering a lightweight design. It provides a stable grip for the elderly and people with disabilities.

Easy to Store

Easy to Store

CupToMug folds down flat, offering compact storage options.

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